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Our Shared Destiny

Park Rapids lakes area will be a vibrant community with opportunity for all. We will embrace an exceptional quality of life and a growing economy, while protecting our natural environment and small town beauty and charm. Park Rapids will be known as a community that is a great place to live, work and play:

- acknowledging our differences;

- respecting each other’s talents;

- valuing shared prosperity; and

- working together for the broader community good.

Get InvolvedWelcome

The Progress Park Rapids stewards group is a diverse group of over 20 community members committed to the long term well being of the greater Park Rapids community. We exist to create the environment for the greater Park Rapids community to succeed. We will accomplish this by:

  • Engaging the greater Park Rapids community to collectively define its desired future;
  • Identifying strategies and action steps that ensure progress toward being a successful community; and
  • Being the long-term place for ideas to land and be nurtured that lead the greater Park Rapids community forward.

We are committed to acting as stewards of the greater community not only within the stewards group, but in the organizations and projects we serve as well. This means we represent the greater good over our own personal interest or agenda. We will work together, and challenge the Park Rapids community to do the same.


What is it going to take

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What is next

  • Row on some issues
  • Ask community groups to steer on the others
  • Encourage the community to embrace the destiny
  • Challenge the Park Rapids community to work together
  • Celebrate community stewards


Keys for PPR to be successful



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